ADELIX can be used by any company that would like to discover insights on their data, such as:
  • Consumer data
  • Competition data
  • Marketing data
  • Sales data
  • Financial data
  • Production data
  • etc...

ADELIX is 100% WEB based, allowing you to analyse data and share your reports exclusively through your WEB browser.

ADELIX allows you to cross-analyze any variable of any type with any other variable from your data set. Unlike any other Business Intelligence tool, ADELIX also accepts multiple value variables.

ADELIX is very easy to use and understand, highly user friendly and makes intensive usage of drag and drop functionalities.

You can load data into ADELIX database via a user friendly WEB user interface. ADELIX accepts several data formats such as SPSS, TripleS, Microsoft Excel or ASCII delimited.

With ADELIX, you can easily and securely share the results of your findings instantly using the WEB technology, and you can export reports in Microsoft Powepoint files.

Our support team will help you with any question you might have on ADELIX.

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