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umoov Solutions
Provider of data analytics,
modelling and software development solutions

Our Mission

We offer comprehensive data analytics, mathematical modelling and software development solutions, designed for externally and internally collected data, structured and unstructured, from the data acquisition process until the generation and communication of information, intelligence and insights relevant to the decision-making process

Beyond organizational issues, we can help you closing the gap on intelligence via the integration of Consumer/Customer intelligence, Product intelligence, Competitor intelligence and Market/Environment/Technology intelligence. It will be achieved through:
  • A holistic approach to unstructured and structured data gathering
  • Integrated data from disconnected and heterogeneous datasets with applied data cleansing and data normalization techniques on integrated database systems
  • Interoperability of non-proprietary / proprietary systems & tools and dedicated IT infrastructure
  • Development of software tailored for your needs
  • The implementation of analysis and reporting solutions to extract valuable intelligence from the data, such as data mining, OLAP, pattern recognition, trend hunting, text mining, semantic intelligence, etc
  • Organized and planned dissemination of information and intelligence (Knowledge sharing)
  • On-going training for process changes acceptation

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