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Provider of data analytics,
modelling and software development solutions


umoov Pyramid

Our core business is the generation and communication of added-value from data and information

We provide comprehensive data analytics, mathematical modelling and software development solutions, all along the chain of added-value extraction and communication from data. We operate downstream the data collection process, from the data processing and data integration until the communication and sharing of the knowledge for the strategic business decision-making process.
The solutions offered by umoov SA are completed by audits, consultancy, support & training services.
umoov SA wants to be your unique point of contact for any of your analytical needs for the time before, during and after the implementation of umoov solutions.

  • Audit of existing data processes, systems, reporting tools, analytical methodologies and knowledge sharing capabilities
  • Data administration processes
  • Linguistic technology
  • Intelligence dissemination
  • Database / system engineering
  • DBA technology
  • Data mining
  • Methodologies
  • Statistical Engineering
  • Semantic intelligence
  • On-site systems and tools support & training.
  • Annual maintenance contracts for any elements of the chain (data admin, systems & tools, analysis & reporting and knowledge sharing) or for the entire solution.
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