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Our approach in designing and implementing data analytics, modelling and software development solutions is based on:
  • FLEXIBILITY: our solutions can be applied to any type of product categories (Commodity, FMCG, Industrial Goods, Services, etc) and types of data, can be implemented as a chain of linked modules or as independent elements, can be embedded / integrated with any commercial packages you already deployed.
  • CUSTOMIZATION, in direct response to your business and needs. This is why the first step in the development of our solutions is a deep discussion with the client, to really understand the keys of his business and what are the strategic needs to be answered. The deliveries of our solutions are not only data and reports, but also information, insights, business recommendations, opportunities and threats identification.
  • SYNERGY: all our solutions can integrated between themselves in a common framework. For instance all the results produced by the different Intelligence Creation Solutions can be stored in integrated database systems, in order to monitor the evolution of the results over time, and in order to correlate results from different studies and generate the golden insight. Insights are generated putting together little elements of intelligence coming from different sources, the integrated approach of our solutions allow the creation of this synergy. Our integration approach is not only at data and analysis level, but also at the communication level. umoov Marketing Knowledge Portal give you a single point access to navigate cleverly and homogenously through different types of data and through all the results produced by your Business Intelligence Solution.
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